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Our Organic Smoothies are a solution for nowadays busy life style and they are one of the easiest and most delicious ways to include them to your diet. Using only Organic Premium Plant-Based Ingredients we prepare refreshing smoothies for everybody with exceptional taste.

  • High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • High in Protein
  • High in Fiber






Why our smoothies?
Simply because they are...

1. Tasty

Thanks to our premium quality, organic ingredients, our smoothies are not only highly functional but also tasty! By complying strict terms during harvesting and production, each ingredient preserves its specific smell and flavor. Our smoothies contain outstanding premium matcha with its bright green color and aroma of fresh grass, unusual sweet-scented mulberry, beetroot with rich grounded taste and fresh, juicy color and many others. You can find something extra in every single smoothie from our new line. The ingredients come from organic farming. They are so good that we work on even more flavors.

2. Healthy

The core of our smoothie is a balanced combination of flax protein, chia seeds and crushed apple with peel. Together they support proper bowel function, help lower level of cholesterol and provide a great source of natural protein. 

You can officially use EFSA nutrition claims: 
• High in Omega-3 fatty acids 
• High in protein 
• High in fibre 

EFSA nutrition claims helps you with promotion of your products. It ensures that your statement on the label or in advertisement is proved by scientific evidence.

3. Quick and easy to prepare

Save your time! Have a quick breakfast always available at home. Because breakfast is important to establish your energy and metabolism throughout the day, never skip it. Thanks to our smoothie, you can have such nutritious breakfast within 2-3 minutes.

„For the success in sport it is very important not only good mental and physical condition, but also intake of healthy and nutritional food. I have included smoothies of Health Link to my sport diet because it contains quick source of important nutrients, such as valuable proteins for building and regeneration of muscular tissue and also necessary energy which I need before or after my training.“

Silvie Pavlíčková           
Czech Triathlete           

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